About Us

Tayabally Digital Safes Division was established in 2002 and has been serving private users, multinational corporations and banks all over Pakistan.
Our broad range of Digital Safes satisfy a variety of needs, from compact Digital Safes for home to store cash, jewelry and documents to banks and large organizations to store documents and important files. Our range of fireproof data safes provides a high degree of protection for your data (CD's diskettes and DLT's).
An experienced team of sales people and technicians make sure that our focus is on attending to our customer's needs and working with them to find the most effective solutions. Whatever your requirements,our professional team will help you in acquiring the suitable digital safe for your needs.
In keeping with the Tayabally's tradition of service, we offer the best maintenance money can buy. We provide immediate delivery to any location in Pakistan, we also offer round the clock maintenance for any safes.
Along with our fast growing digital safe business, we also offer the following range of product categories which can be studied in detail on our website.

  • Digital Safes
  • Security Products
  • Hunting / Outdoors
  • Storage
  • CCTV