ESP Baton Light

PKR 5500

Cytac CYDHCD Disposable Handcuffs

CYTAC CY-DHC-D Disposable Handcuffs

ESP Baton 21inch Black

Our hardened expandable batons are intended for professional use in extreme conditions. They serve for fast self-defence in different conflict situations.

ESP Baton Light

It is possible to deliver as an option to the telescopic baton an additional flashlight. It can be used as independent flashlight.

ESP Baton Plastic Holster

Plastic Holder for Expandable Baton

ESP Tactical Mirror

Nylon holder - which can be supplied as an option, protects the mirror against damage and enables its wearing on the belt. Holder is equipped with metal clip, which enables its fast fixation on a belt (without unbuckling it) or to a tactica...

Stun Gun 500000Volts

500,000 Volts - immediate self-defense You are defended by a safety fuse against an unintentional discharge Hand strap with safety plug protects against forced removal from hand Gold plated electrodes Belt-clip

Stun Gun 200000volt

0.5 seconds (short paralysis): slight shock, cramps and muscle pain. 1-3 seconds (Medium shock): medium shock loss of orientation. 4-5 seconds (full shock): a few-minute shock combined with loss of orientation

Batons 21inch Solid Steel

They serve for fast self-defence in different conflict situations.