Blueguns Training Plastic Made Handgun FSCZ75 SP01

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Training replica of a CZ75 SP-01 . Impact-resistant polyurethane with steel reinforcing. Accurate detail, handling and balance of a Colt 1911 Commander Cocked & Locked 4". Will accommodate holsters and weapons lights
PKR 12000
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Blue Training Guns are the most detailed and accurate line of 'Firearms Simulators' available for weapons training. This Blue Training Gun is an inert detailed replica of a CZ75 SP-01 gun for use in Law Enforcement, Tactical and Military gun training. Each Ring's Bluegun is made with a strong, impact-resistant polyurethane with steel reinforcing to prevent bending while still maintaining the detail, handling and balance of a CZ75 SP-01. Each blue training gun is fabricated in 'Law Enforcement Blue' - the most recognized safety color in the world.

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