CAA Tactical FGA Front Arm Vertical Grip Combined with Flashlight Adaptor

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The Command Arms Accessories CAA Flashlight Holder Grip Adapter Tan FGAT combines a 1" light mount and vertical grip in one. The flashlight accessory by Command Arms Accessories is thumb activated with a push button on the grip which operates lights on /off and allows for signaling. Removable side plates utilize a rubber surface to enable installation of a pressure switch underneath the side plate. The CAA Flashlight Holder Grip Adapter also provides plugged storage and Picatinny rails which are located on light mount. Available Models of CAA Flash light Holder Grip Adapter FGA: Flashlight Holder Grip Adapter - Black
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Made with Aluminum and Polymer, the FGA Flashlight Grip Adaptor is a combined light mount and vertical grip into one unit. Intended for the picatinny rail, it is a lightweight, vertical fore grip. The Flashlight Grip Adaptor is shaped ergonomically designed for the use as a conventional vertical grip. A FGA allows the operator to move effectively while identifying and engaging targets. The grip is accommodated with a 1 push button end cap lights.

Thumb activated with providing safe operation during high stressful situations
Equipped with a side safety switch preventing inadvertent activation during combat
Storage compartment includes a screw cap holding a cleaning kit, extra batteries, foam plug eliminating rattling and noise
Comes with a rubber pressure switch that covers for customized pressure
Includes a 1.5 Picatinny rail attached to either side, bottom of the mount for addition
Specifications FGA

Width: 1.45"
Height: 5.27"
Length: 5.70"
Material: Polymer and Aluminum
Weight: 252 Grams
Attaches With Picatinny Mount

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