TReign 24 inch Chain Key Reel 0005011

"Stainless Steel Spring in a 2"" durable stainless steel case 1.25"" Zinc-plated, spring-tempered steel, corrosion resistant split ring"

TReign KEYBAK Carabiner Key Reel Cord 48 Black 0488803

"Designed to keep keys, flashlights, small hand tools, GPS, etc. secure and handy. Industrial quality all weather, all purpose retractor with tough Kevlar Cord (extends 48""). Carabineer attachment makes securing the unit to almost anything...

TReign Heavy Duty Retractable Gear Tether with Carabineer attachment OTRO215 "

T-Reign Retractable Gear Tether, Hunting, OD, Medium, Carabineer OTRO-215

TReign Heavy Duty Retractable Gear Tether with Belt Clip OTRO217

Recommended for use with: range finder, binoculars, multi-tools, flashlights, tools, other optics, and much more. Olive Green,Secure your Gear with Confidence!

TReign HD Carabiner Black Pac 0TR2-013

"Quick Disconnect Gear Attachment Rugged Weather Resistant Polycarbonate Case Lightweight and Compact Color: Black Carabiner"

TReign HD Carabiner Hunt Green Pac 0TR0025

T-Reign - Retractor Kevlar Hunter - Carabiner - 0TR0-025

TReign HD Carabiner Black Outdoor Pac 0TRG431

T-Reign HD Carabiner Black Outdoor Pac 0TRG431

TReign MD Carabiner Black Fish Pac 0TR2209

"Rugged polycarbonate case Weather-proof materials safe to use in any environment. T-Reign 0TR2-209 Retractable Gear Tether "